Grandparents access

We all have to agree that grandparents are hugely important in the lives of our children and especially so where parents do not live together. They can and do provide invaluable love, care and support. Where a dispute arises it is open to the grandparent seek access to a child. It involves two applications. The first application is applying for leave to apply which involves asking the courts permission to apply for access to the child. The Court will have regard to the grandparents connection with the child, any risk of the application disrupting the life of the child or indeed any possibility that the child might come to harm. The Court will also have regard to the wishes of the child’s guardian(s). If the Court gives permission the grandparent can then go on to obtain a date for hearing in relation to the application for access. It should be noted that there is new legislation not yet commenced where under the new Child and Family Relationships Act 2015 a grandparent will be able to apply for guardianship in relation to a child in their case.

Maintenance and Rent Allowance


There are huge practical difficulties before the District Court in relation to couples breaking up in a non-marital situation where an unmarried mother becomes entirely dependent on the father of her child for support. Where the relationship ends suddenly for whatever reason the District Court Judge will have serious practical difficulties in measuring and making an order for the right amount of maintenance. If the judge orders the maximum maintenance allowable in the District Court of €650 per month and an application is pending from the mother for rent allowance that sum may be taken into account by the Department and most of it could be eaten up by the rent allowance living little or nothing to support the child of the relationship. It appears that the more the father can afford the worse of the child will be – particularly if the father is not minded to providing support other that as directed by the Court. The Judge has no power to compel the father to pay the rent for any period of time thus allowing an adjustment period while the mother can secure alternative means of support for herself and the child. It appears that the mother may have the option of applying for legal aid through a Law Centre and seeking maintenance for herself under the new cohabitants legislation where the parties have a child and have lived together for more than two years. Unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to test this yet as Private Practitioners are not authorised to represent clients in the Circuit Court leaving the mother with an awful dilemma where she can only seek maintenance for the child and may or may not be able to survive given that the maintenance will not pay the rent but will be wholly eaten up by the rent allowance leaving little or nothing to live on. This situation may well leave mothers and their children with no other alternative but to rely on sheltered accommodation where spaces are few and far between. It is vital to remember though that a mothers custodial rights in Ireland it appears are not in any way diminished by her having to resort to seeking sheltered accommodation.

Agency workers win a case for equal back pay

With the EC Directive and its Irish implementation introduced in 2012, all agency workers were to receive the same rates of pay as the direct employees. Our clients were ensured by their agency that they will be paid back their money for the year 2012. Agency ensured them for a long time, until in August 2013, when they chose to bring their case to the employment courts.

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Structural survey- what is it and why it is important

We always advise our clients when purchasing a second hand property to carry out a structural survey. A structural survey is different from the Valuation that the Bank will carry out as the valuation by the bank only relates to how much the property is worth not the condition it is in.

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Our client who spent €40k restoring car declared owner by judge

Our firm Hoban Boino Solicitors represented Mr. Tynan in a very interesting case regarding ownership of Jaguar XK 120.
Mr. Derek Tynan is a man who ownes a bodyshop in Damestown, Blanchardstown and invested as much as €40,000 and thousands of working hours to restore a 44 year-old Jaguar XK 120 that he got from Mrs. Duffy after he cleaned her barn.
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Discriminated pregnant employee wins €20,000

Wioleta began her employment on 3rd of April 2006. She has been employed to a position titled as a “Practice Administrator”, while in fact her duties were to look after the children and the house of her employer. Initially the relations were satisfying until the time Ms. Wioleta informed her employer that she is pregnant and that she faces a possibility of miscarrying this pregnancy.

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