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Hoban Boino Solicitors was formed by Joanne Hoban & Krystian Boino. We provide excellent service based on understanding and value for money in the areas of personal injury, employment law,conveyancing and probate. Our Irish & Polish lawyers represent and advice clients in English, Polish & Romanian languages. We incorporate the practice of J.C. Hoban & Company which was formed in January 2005.Our mission statement from day one is that we would always be a company that formed lasting relationships with our clients.

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Meet the team

At Hoban Boino, we take pride in offering a first class legal service to all our clients. We can provide you with all the legal advice and support you need regardless of the complexity or the severity of the situation. We at Hoban Boino do not simply want to provide a legal service, we aim to add a real personal touch to the interaction we have with our clients. One of the ways in which we do this is to break down legal jargon in to plain English so that our clients are always kept fully informed of the legal process that they are involved in. Our law firm consists of devoted team of solicitors and support staff.

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Picture of Joanne Hoban

Joanne Hoban

I come from a varied background having studied History and Politics in UCD studying for a Masters Degree in 2004. I qualified as a Solicitor in 2001 and founded my own Practice in January 2005. I have been involved in all areas of general practice from Litigation to Family Law and Probate. I have a very keen interest in Family Law with particular reference to Child Law, Mediation and ADR.

Picture of Krystian Boino

Krystian Boino

I qualified from University of Wroclaw, Poland in 2003 where I also completed a judge’s apprenticeship. I am a qualified Polish solicitor (Radca Prawny) since January 2007 and qualified Irish Solicitor since 2013. . The only Ireland based lawyer with full qualifications in both jurisdictions: Ireland & Poland. I advice in the areas of personal injury, employment law and general litigation.

Our Pathway

What We Say

“There for you when you need us”

Our promise to all our clients is to offer the very best legal advice and to consistently exceed your expectations.


The News

25. Mar
Angajații care se află în auto-izolare - o decizie individuală sau cerința angajatorului

Angajații care se află în auto-izolare - o decizie individuală sau cerința angajatorului

Auto-izolarea - decizia angajatorului Angajatorii sunt obligați să respecte regulile HSE și nu ar trebui să solicite angajaților să rămână acasă decât dacă acest lucru este impus de reglementările HSE. Dacă angajatorul tău te trimite acasă sau îți spune să rămâi acasă, contrar regulilor HSE actuale, este posibil să fie nevoit să îți plătească salariul. …
23. Mar
Pracownik w izolacji- decyzja samodzielna lub nakaz pracodawcy

Pracownik w izolacji- decyzja samodzielna lub nakaz pracodawcy

Izolacja- decyzja pracodawcy Pracodawcy są zobowiązani do kierowania się wytycznymi HSE i nie powinni nakazywać pracownikom pozostanie w domu, jeżlei nie jest to wymagane wytycznymi HSE. W sytuacji, gdy pracodawca wysyla pracownika do domu, lub nakazuje mu zostać w domu wbrew aktualnym wytycznym HSE, to być może taki pracodwca będzie zobowiązany do wypłaty wynagrodzenia. Doradzamy, …