Are you seeking to separate or divorce? Are you seeking the right advice in relation to custody, maintenance or access? Do you have questions about your family home? We provide confidential advice in relation to sensitive issues.

Family law is another area in which we have key experience and expertise in delivering the best possible legal service to our clients. Obviously by its very nature family law can be a very distressing and emotional time for all parties involved.

At Hoban Boino we appreciate that there are a lot of different reasons as to why relationships or marriages break down, and we would advise anyone going through these difficulties to try and come to a mutually agreeable  solution themselves before bringing the matter before the courts.  We fully encourage and facilitate the route of mediation prior to taking any further action and we offer extensive and unbiased advice in respect of same.   We also offer comprehensive services in relation to effecting a Separation Agreement which is the most practical and beneficial solution in respect of time, costs and disruption during what can be a very difficult time.

Unfortunately, sometimes the only course of action left is via the legal route and in such circumstances we are more than capable of representing you in the proceedings. There are many factors to consider during a separation or divorce such as the division of assets, child care and custody arrangements as well as maintenance and support payments.  Our approach is always to seek a workable and realistic solution and we present each case before the courts to reflect this and to meet the individual requirements of each case.

If minors are involved in the situation then it is of prime importance that their needs are accurately assessed and met during legal proceedings. This is reflected in the fact that the court will make a decision on custody based on what it determines are in the best interests of the child or children.

We also offer legal advice in the areas of the recognition of foreign divorces, the adoption of children and the legal issues surrounding children born out of wedlock, and civil partnership issues.  We are on the Legal Aid Board District Court panel and have vast experience in dealing with District Court applications including access, maintenance, safety protection and barring, guardianship and custody and child production and abduction.

We are on the Legal Aid Family Law Private Practitioners Panel in relation to District Court Guardianship, Maintenance, Access and Domestic Violence Applications. We also work  extensively in The Family Law Court Centre, Dolphin House,   and we are also on the panel for Kildare District Courts.

If you need further information regarding any aspect of family law, or simply require some impartial legal advice in the strictest of confidence, please contact us today and we will go through your individual circumstances with you and advise you on the best course of action that you can take for you and your family.